Hasselblad Masters 2009 Winners

The winners of the Hasselblad Masters award for 2009 have recently been released.

This is a much coveted titled and the photographers featured are worthy winners.

Here is a list of the winners.

The 2009 Hasselblad Masters Awards winners are:

Up-and-Coming: Lyle Owerko, NYC, USA
Wedding: Joao Carlos, NYC, USA
Portrait: Claudio Napolitano, Miami, USA / Caracas, Venezuela
Fashion: Dirk Rees, London, UK
Product: Mark Holthusen, San Francisco, USA
Fine Art: Quentin Shih, Beijing, China
Architecture: Stephan Zirwes, Stuttgart, Germany
Landscape: Bang Peng, Hong Kong
Editorial: Nina Berman, NYC, USA
General: Mark Zibert, Toronto, Canada

The work of Stephen Zirwes is particularly impressive as is the work of Dirk Rees. It’s difficult to chose 2 from such an impressive list but it’s just a personal choice. They are all very deserving of their accolades. Go to the Hasselblad link on this blog to view the winners work.

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