Tim Simmons Photography

One of the best photographers based in London at the moment is Tim Simmons. I’ve been watching his work for a while and I’m staggered at how beautiful his images are.

There is a real dreamlike quality to the imagery yet they are magnificently composed, lit and super sharp.

His work reminds me of Gregory Crewdson but without the people. Sometimes you don’t need a strong narrative to create innovative work. Enjoy.

gallery picture

This one is called “Tucson Palm Wall 2004” from the Arizona Series.

gallery picture

“Leaplish Wood Path 2004” from the Northumberland Series.

gallery picture

“Norfolk Crop Square 2005” from the Norfolk Series.

You can find more of Tim’s work at http://www.timsimmons.co.uk

  1. The images are truly captivating. There seems to be a common theme of space.In the first it’s the lone tree in juxtaposition to the two cement walls and stones, in the second you notice the trees are mostly grouped in pairs separated by a gravel road, and the third is the square shaped sediment lying vacuous and flat amongst the feathered grass. Thank you for sharing this. The images almost have a magnetic quality.


  2. Thanks for sharing those fotos, I would like to know how it is done???

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