Alexandra Palace, North London

I’m currently working on a set of images of Alexandra Palace in North London. Many photographers make the mistake of traveling miles to get to exotic destinations but forget to photograph their local region. Luckily for me Alexandra Palace is nearly my back garden. It’s a beautiful, tranquil haven, away from the madness of the city and this is what I’m trying to capture in my photographs. It’s quiet and peaceful, steeped in history and is a wonderful location.

I’m photographing this project with the Hasselblad H4D 50 or the H3D 50. The clarity of the images is superb and lends itself to this body of work. It’s going to take some time to complete but hopefully I’m going to try and get an exhibition and publish a book at its completion. My Nikon D2X is getting less of a look in at the moment. The quality just doesn’t compare with the Hasselblad, although its been a great workhorse over the last few years. Horses for courses I suppose.

Here are a few of the images.

    • Sarah Baram
    • June 30th, 2010

    I love these photos, they are fantastic! I especially enjoy the last couple. The pollen almost looks like snow, the contrast is so intriguing.

    • Hi Sarah, Thank you for your lovely comments. It was a magical scene. Like a carpet of cotton wool. It was hidden in the middle of the trees so I think most people will have missed it. Surreal yet beautiful.

  1. As an architectural photographer, I can’t wait till you get closer to the Alexandra Palace. This must be special, either if it’s fabulous or neglected. Continue to show. I love the shot with the path under the trees, it’s like a painting. See what that locale is like sunrise/set !
    Peter Brandt
    Woodstock NY

    • Hi Peter, Thank you for your warm comments. Alexandra Palace is both fabulous and neglected ! The main hall is used for many events but much of the building has been left to ruin. It’s an interesting combination.

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