Having fun with Poladroid.

I’ve been having a bit of fun with an application that I’ve been shown recently. It’s called Poladroid and is a free download that can turn your images into Polaroid style pictures. It’s easy to use and is available at http://www.poladroid.net

I love the examples that I’ve tried and thought I’d post the results here. Have fun !Piccadilly Circus Steps


Botany Bay, Kent

  1. the reflection shot is great, but the other two are just OK., not sure why you think converting your photos down to a Polaroid is special. I used Polaroid as a test means to getting great photos on film (the real medium). To me, Polaroids can be cute but still a secondary quality. I know today, the look is anything fuzzy and moody is art!

    • Hi Peter, Thank you for your comment. I agree the reflection shot is the best. I, too used Polaroid as a test shot apart from Type 55. Type 55 was the best polaroid in history and is sadly missed.
      The negatives were pin sharp. It’ll never be seen again which is sad.
      I was just experimenting with the Poladroid and found it fun and easy to use. All my photographic career has been spent getting every thing pin sharp, nicely lit and exposed correctly. Sometimes its nice to throw these conventions out of the window and come up with something different. Of course, different doesn’t mean better or for it to have more artistic value but sometimes it’s good to just play.
      Once again many thanks for viewing the bog and commenting. All the best, Neil.

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