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Using Photoshelter

I recently got into a dilemma over where to store my archive of images. What was the safest option ? It’s a question asked my photographers all around the globe. Personally I get very edgy using a multitude of different hard drives and decided it was best to store on a combination of hard drives and a storage facility. I knew of Photoshelter from their ill fated attempt at being a stock library. Unfortunately the Photoshelter Collection only lasted a year due to a lack of finances and their belief that it was better to concentrate on their core business Photoshelter archive. I was disappointed that the collection closed because they were doing all the right things and there was a real sense of community and goodwill. I didn’t get a sale but others were starting to get regular sales before the doors closed. It would have been a good alternative to Alamy and Getty Images.

With this in mind I was very wary of putting my archive with them and looked around at various other storage facilities but Photoshelter stayed true to their word and improved the archive business beyond recognition. They unveiled many new features which were instrumental in me changing my mind. Their website templates, sales ability, marketing tools and ability to upload and download files instantly made them more of an attractive package.

I’ve been uploading for about 5 months and I’ve been pleased with the results so far. They fall between two or three stools at the moment which I’m not 100% comfortable with but its certainly one of the better options. I wish they would market the collections a bit more as I’m sure library sales could follow. I’m using it mainly for safe storage, website and downloading files to clients, both potential and current. I’ll let you know how it progresses over the next few months as I gradually build up the site.

This is one of my recent images which I’ve placed on Photoshelter. It was taken from the summit of Pen-y-Fan, in the Brecon Beacons, the largest mountain in southern Britain.

Three of my favourite photography books 2

Edward Burtyensky’s book on Quarries is magnificent. The scale of his images, the composition and the narrative behind the pictures is breathtaking. Genius.